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chemicals for water treatment plants


The purification of industrial wastewater is a very important process during which the waters used within the different stages, are remediated in specific plants.

Water treatment plants, such as vacuum evaporators and concentrators, need specific chemicals for their management, in order to avoid the development of deposits that could drastically reduce the efficiency of the whole process.

This sort of products is also used in closed-loop systems such as boilers and steam generators, where the salinity of the water could cause fouling.

Confezione prodotto per impianti di trattamento acque

Should you have any request concerning chemicals to be used inside water treatment plants, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical staff is at your service to thoroughly explore your issues and to advise you the product which can suit you the best.

All our products are formulated using raw materials having a low environmental impact, in respect of the protection of the environment and people.

Impianto trattamento acque

Do you need a customized product?

Should this be required, we can develop customized products, to meet your specific needs.

Here are some of our corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors and descalers for silica:


It allows to avoid scaly deposits on the plants’ surface, thus guaranteeing excellent heat exchange capacities. The product has a sequestering action on the calcium, magnesium and iron salts in the water.


Product specifically designed to inhibit corrosion phenomena that may originate in closed-loop systems. The regular use of the product guarantees an inhibiting action against the most persistent encrustations, keeping the surfaces of the plants perfectly clean.


Product specifically designed to avoid glass deposits due to silicates, inside the water treatment plants. Constant use keeps the heat exchange surface perfectly efficient.

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