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industrial degreasers and cleaners

Our industrial degreasers are made of mixtures of powders or liquids, having the function of removing dirt, organic and inorganic contaminants from any type of surface.

Our range of industrial degreasers and cleaners includes products for the removal of grease and dirt from components and equipments. Soiling can be of:

  • organic nature – All soils of liquid nature, such as mineral oils, synthetic oils, emulsifying oils, anti-rust oils, cooling lubricants, greases, release agents, tar, resins, paints, inks.

  • inorganic nature – All soils of a solid nature, such as cleaning pastes, polishing pastes, thermal oxides (calamine, oxides generated by welding), powders or particulates of any kind, burned fats, stearates, extruder soaps, limescale (magnesium, calcium and silica salts).
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Surfatek industrial degreasers and cleaners are used in all industrial sectors, both production and maintenance. Degreasers and industrial cleaning products can be used by hand, or using paint brushes, rags, brushes, or even with pressure washers, floor scrubbers and industrial sweepers.

Within the productive industrial sectors, our professional cleaners are effectively used with ultrasonic washing machines and industrial washing plants.

Some cleaners and degreasers in the Surfatek range, if not rinsed, offer a light rust protection to the treated items.

Should you have any specific request concerning industrial cleaning or degreasing, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical staff is at your disposal to thoroughly explore your issues and to advise you the product which can suit you the best.

All our products are formulated using raw materials having a low environmental impact, within the respect of the environment and people protection.

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Do you need a customized degreaser?

Should this be required, we can develop and produce customized cleaners and degreasers, keeping into account all variable needs of your cleaning process.

Here below are some of our products:


Liquid cleaner compatible with all aluminum, magnesium, titanium, copper and brass alloys. Specifically formulated for use in ultrasonic tanks. It does not affect and does not opacify paints. Particularly suitable for the aeronautics and Motorsport sectors.


Liquid acid cleaner, especially formulated for the removal of cleaning pastes and polishing pastes from aluminum, copper and brass. It lightens and brightens the treated surfaces. It is specific for use in ultrasonic tanks.


Liquid cleaner based on soaps, suitable for the removal of cleaning pastes and polishing pastes from steel, copper, brass and aluminum. It is specific for use in ultrasonic tanks. It can also be used in galvanic preparation cycles and PVD treatments.

If, on the opposite, you are looking for an industrial degreaser, here are some of our best-selling products:


Highly alkaline liquid degreaser, specific for cleaning iron, steel and stainless steel. It easily removes oils, cleaning pastes, polishing pastes and heavy soiling. Specific for application with sprayers.


Alkaline powder detergent, specific for use in washing machines and spray systems. It effectively removes oils, greases, burnt oils, cleaning pastes, track dirt, workshop dirt: it is compatible with all materials. It does not affect and does not darken zamak and aluminum. It may not be rinsed.


It is a strongly alkaline product, used for degreasing, deoxidizing, de-scaling and stripping ferrous metals. It can also be used as an additive to alkaline degreasers, to improve detergency and increase the duration of solutions. It is rich in dispersants and it is used with hard water; it does not leave encrustations and is perfectly rinsible.

Index of the main applications for our products:

  • Metal cleaners

  • Industrial degreasers

  • Antirust protection degreasers

  • Bicarbonate based cleaners

  • Industrial cleaners

  • Pressure washer cleaners

  • Pro degreasers for engines

  • Photovoltaic panel cleaners
  • Engine cleaners and degreasers

  • Ultrasonic cleaners

  • Ultrasonic degreasers

  • Cleaners for part washers

  • Floor washer cleaners

  • Vibrofinishing cleaners

  • Aluminum cleaners

  • Magnesium cleaners

  • Cleaners for zamak

  • Degreasing solvents



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