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surfatek paint strippers

Surfatek paint strippers are used to remove any type of paint (liquid, powder, solvent-based, polyurethane, epoxy) from iron, aluminum, brass, copper, carbon and wood.

They can be shared into liquid paint strippers and gel strippers: the latter are used when it is not possible to dip the surfaces to be treated, because they are too big.

Depending on the paint stripper and the type of paint, the paint can be either dissolved in the solution, or you can have it lifted and detached from the surface. Subsequently, it will be possible to separate it from the solution by filtration, thus ensuring a long product life.

Confezione sverniciatore chimico da 25 kg

There are multi-purpose chemical paint strippers, which are compatible with any type of material and paint and there are professional paint strippers that are aimed at more specific applications, on well-defined materials and paints:

Surfatek sustains the use of professional paint strippers: based on the type of metal or material and the type of paint, we recommend dedicated professional products, able to provide maximum performance.

All Surfatek chemical paint removers are free from methylene chloride.

After any type of chemical stripping, it is always advisable to rinse with water in order to remove product remainders.

Should you have any specific request concerning paint stripping, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical staff is at your disposal to thoroughly explore your issues and to advise you the product which can suit you the best.

All our products are formulated using raw materials having a low environmental impact, within the respect of the environment and people.

Prodotto in ferro sverniciato chimicamente

Do you need a customized chemical paint remover?

Should this be required, we can develop and produce customized paint strippers.

Here below are some of our products:


Gel free from chlorinated solvents, especially designed for the removal of paints, glues and resins. Compatible with all metals, carbon and some types of plastic and rubber. It must be applied by brush or spatula.


Liquid free from chlorinated solvents, especially designed to remove varnishes, resins and organic films from iron, steel, brass and copper.


Liquid free from chlorinated solvents, specially designed to remove paints, resins and glues, from aluminum, brass and copper. It can be diluted with water.


Liquid free from chlorinated solvents, especially designed to remove paints, resins and glues from any type of surface. It can’t be diluted with water and must be used at temperatures between 50 and 80°C.

Main types of paint strippers:

  • Paint stripper for iron

  • Paint remover for aluminum

  • Paint stripper for metals

  • Carbon paint removers (liquid and gel)

  • Paint removers for composite materials

  • Gel paint removers

  • Caustic paint removers for iron

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