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surfatek rust inhibitors and passivating solutions

Surfatek rust inhibitors have the function of preventing the formation of rust caused by atmospheric agents, on iron, carbon steel and cast iron.

If rust formation is not prevented, serious damages to metal alloys may occur, causing subsequent deterioration and weakening.

All this can be avoided by using our rust inhibitors.

Surfatek rust inhibitors are used in production processes where, once the process is over, the parts must be protected before being packed and shipped to the final customer. They are also used in contexts in which, once a maintenance or a simple repair has been carried out, it is necessary to give the item a lasting protection.

Confezione di protettivo antiruggine e passivante

Within the Surfatek range we have different types of rust inhibitors: salt based, soap based, emulsion based, inhibitors leaving an oily film or a protective wax film.

Should you have any request concerning rust inhibition and steel and iron passivation, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical service is at your disposal to thoroughly explore your issues and to advise you the product which can suit you the best.

All our products are formulated using raw materials having a low environmental impact, within the respect of the environment and people.

Passivante Surfatek in azione

Do you need a customized rust inhibitor?

Should this be required, we can develop customized defoamers, to meet your specific needs.

  • The salt or soap-based inhibitors are temporary protectors: this means they are suitable to safeguard from rust for a few days. They are used diluted in water and at temperatures between 45 and 70°C. They can be used both by immersion and by sprayers. After the treatment the parts must be mandatorily dried, otherwise, the presence of not evaporated or subsequently re-condensed water and oxygen on the surface, will still cause oxidation.

  • Emulsifying protective agents are oils that are diluted in water, in order to give longer lasting protection; our R&D department in recent years has developed formulas that can compete in terms of performance with traditional dewatering oils, succeeding, in some cases, to even result better than them in terms of hours of stay in the climatic chamber. This category of rust inhibitors can be used both by immersion and by spraying at room temperature, thus giving advantages in terms of running costs as well.When applied correctly, they can protect the treated parts for several months (6-24). They leave the surface slightly oily (the degree of oiliness depends on the concentration of use).
  • Surfatek oily protective agents with dewatering action are essentially oils that have a dual function: one is to move the water away from the surface to be protected, thanks to the polarity difference and to the specific weight difference; the other is to protect the parts.They are to be used pure, by immersion: depending on the type of product, they can protect for periods between 6 and 24 months. The leave the surface slightly oily.
  • Oily film protectors are, at their turn, anti-rust oils. They have performances similar to the ones with dewatering action and they are not to be diluted.  They can be used both by immersion and by sprayers. As they do not contain any solvents, they do not smell strongly. Compared to the previously mentioned products, they have a greater oiliness. They protect from 12 to 24 months.
  • Surfatek waxy film protectants are to be used pure and at room temperature; they can protect the treated parts up to 24-30 months. The waxy film that remains on the treated surface can be removed afterwards using an alkaline degreaser, or an alkaline surfactant cleaner (SPRAY TEK 897), or a solvent (ECOSOL 57, or ECOSOL 02).
  • Surfatek passivating agents temporarily protect the treated parts before undergoing heat treatment or painting.They are generally used diluted in water and possibly not at room temperature.To fulfill their task, they have a very limited residuality.

Here below are some of our products:


It is a high performing emulsifying protective oil. It is used as an alternative to traditional dewatering and oily protective agents to protect cast iron, iron and steel. It is also used to protect metal products when shipped by sea and as a final protector in galvanic treatments.


It is a polyfunctional water repellent protective product, which acts both as a dewatering (able to move water from any type of surface), and as a protector, leaving a thin oily layer on the treated surface, resistant to handling and oxidation. It protects up to 24 months.


It is a specific passivating solution to treat iron before painting. It has a low residuality and a good protective and antioxidant action.


It is a rust inhibitor that creates a waxy film and which is used to protect iron and steel. It is normally used for the protection of drawn pipes, ropes, metal cables and large items. It is also used for the underbody protection of trucks and industrial vehicles in general. It resists water. It can later be removed by using a Surfatek alkaline cleaner (SPRAY TEK 897), or alternatively a solvent (ECOSOL 57, or ECOSOL 02).


It is a protective-passivating solution, formulated to protect cast iron, iron and steel from atmospheric oxidation. It leaves the surface dry and free from halos. It is normally used between hardening and tempering before nitriding.


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