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surfatek pre-painting chemicals

The most important phase of the coating treatment of any metal surface is the preparation: preparing a surface properly, means to completely eliminate, using industrial degreasers, specific cleaners or solvents, all organic and inorganic remainders on the surface itself, thus enabling the subsequent treatment.

Surfatek has a range of special products to be used to prepare the surfaces before painting.

Surfatek phosphating agents and phospo degreasers, through a chemical process, generate a phosphate layer of amorphous nature, able to protect the base metal and guarantee the maximum anchorage to the varnish that will be subsequently deposited.

It is also possible to carry out the phases of degreasing and phosphating in a single step: Surfatek phosphosperants can be used both by immersion and by spray.

They must be used at high temperatures only, between 40 and 70°C.

Confezione di protettivo per trattamento superficie pre verniciatura

Should you have any specific request concerning pre-painting, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical staff is at your disposal to thoroughly explore your issues and to advise you the product, within our range, which can suit you the best.

All our products are formulated using raw materials having a low environmental impact, in respect of the protection of the environment and people.

Prodotto in ferro trattato pre verniciatura

Do you need a customized pre-painting product?

Should this be required, we can develop customized products, to meet your specific needs.

Here below are some of our products:


It is a mono-component liquid phospho-degreaser for use with sprayers. Especially used to prepare iron, galvanized iron and aluminum
before painting. It degreases the surfaces and prepares them, through an iron phosphate deposit, to a persistent fixing of the paint.


It is a mono-component liquid phospho-degreaser for use by immersion and with sprayers or high-pressure cleaners. It has the same features as Profos Spray.


Concentrated liquid product that creates little foam formation. It is used as an additive to both acid and alkaline degreasing solutions and phospho-degreasers, to increase the degreasing and cleaning power.

Pre-painting product range:

  • Alkaline cleaners for aluminum
  • Cleaners for galvanized steel

  • Iron degreasers
  • Multi-metal degreasers

  • Multi-metal cleaners

  • Phosphating products

  • Multi-metal phospho-degreasers

  • High-thickness phospho-degreasers
  • Phosphating and de-scaling solutions

  • Cleaning additives

  • Degreasing additives

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