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Surfatek line of pickling, deoxidizing and descaling agents consists of professional products, made by mixtures of organic and inorganic acids.

They are used in production contexts and for the maintenance of plants, equipments and machinaries, to remove superficial layers and inorganic reminders, such as thermal oxides (generated by welding or heat treatments), atmospheric oxides (rust) and encrustations (of any nature)

  • Surfatek pickling agents can be liquid or thickened:
    • Liquid pickling agents are used by plunging pieces to be treated inside tanks made of suitable material, or they can be used manually by means of brushes, brushes and sprayers.
    • Thickened (gel) picklers are used to remove the thermal oxides generated by welding from vertical surfaces of large stainless steel products.
Confezione decapanti, disossidanti e disincrostanti da 25 kg

All the pickling agents, after treatment, must be rinsed thoroughly with water; we recommend, for iron, steel and cast iron treatments, to neutralize the residual acidity on the surface with an alkaline passivating agent, such as PROTEK DIP CA or SPRAY TEK 893 P.

This will prevent the rust from reforming within the short period.

  • Surfatek deoxidizers are generally used to remove rust and calamine from ferrous and steel material and to remove light layers of oxide from yellow alloys, such as copper and brass. They are used by immersion in tanks made of suitable material, or, if it is necessary to shorten the processing times, in ultrasonic tanks or washing machines, thus availing themselves of the mechanical action that acts synergistically with the chemical action of the product. In this case as well, it is essential to rinse the treated pieces thoroughly with water. In the case of iron or steel parts, we recommend neutralizing the residual acidity on the surface with PROTEK DIP CA or SPRAY TEK 893P.


  • Surfatek descaling agents are used to remove large deposits of any kind, from boilers, condensers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, concentrators and vacuum evaporators. It is very important, for efficiency, to carry out a frequent and regular maintenance of the above systems. This implies the use of products that can work quickly and safely for operators, the environment and materials. They can be used by immersion in suitable tanks, with a recirculation system, or, should there be the need to treat parts of big dimensions, by applying the product locally by spraying, paint brush or brush. In this case as well, it is important to rinse the treated parts thoroughly with water.

Should you have any request concerning pickling agents, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our technical staff is at your service to thoroughly explore your issues and to advise you the product which can suit you the best.

 All our products are formulated using raw materials having a low environmental impact, in respect of the protection of the environment and people.

Prodotto prima e dopo il decapaggio

Do you need a customized pickling, deoxidizing or descaling agent?

Should this be required, we can develop customized pickling agents, to meet your specific needs.

If you need a pickling, deoxidizing or descaling agent, here are some of our main products:


Pickling gel based on thickened nitric acid. It is applied by means of an anti-acid brush to remove, specifically, welding oxides from stainless steels.


Specific cleaning-descaling liquid used to remove, during maintenance, the remainders and the oily deposits that are created inside evaporators and vacuum concentrators. Effectively removes oil and grease remainders and fouling of any kind.


Liquid degreasing-deoxidizer based on phosphoric acid. It is mainly used to remove scale (calcareous and not) from any type of surface; it is also used for the removal of stearates from stainless steel wire, after extrusion. It is compatible with stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum. It can be used both with sprayers (at temperatures higher than 40°C) and in ultrasonic tanks.


Liquid deoxidizer with cleansing properties. Its acidic nature makes it effective in removing oils and greases, atmospheric oxides, powders and calamine. Specific for use in ultrasonic washing machines, it can be used on iron, steel, copper and brass. On copper and brass, it bleaches the metal and gives it brightness.


Liquid pickling agent based on nitric acid and surfactants. Specific for the removal of thermal and atmospheric oxides from stainless steel.


Wetting additive, specific for pickling solutions. It enhances degreasing and cleansing power, thus making the acid attack even.

Product range:

  • Pickling agents

  • Stainless steel pickling agents

  • Brass pickling agents

  • Steel pickling agents

  • Iron pickling agents

  • Pickling pastes for stainless steel

  • Pickling pastes for welding

  • Deoxidizers for light alloys

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